Q: Why have you decided to write a blog?
A: Well, after hearing (and ignoring) several times the advice "write a blog", I realized I actually want to have one. I don't necessarily want to write one, but I do like the idea of a place where I can process some thoughts I can't really share with others directly around me. And who knows, someone might even stumble across this blog and we'll have an interesting conversation.
But, as I said, the main reason is that I think best when I invest time writing.

Q: Ok, now for real - why?
A: Well, there's the stuff above, but what really gave me the final nudge is that I began reading a book and while reading I found myself wishing I had a place to post a review once I'll be done reading it. And so, ~6 months after my first post, came this.

Q: Why do you write in two Languages?
A: The simple answer is that I do this because each language helps me achieve different goals: I think more fluently in Hebrew, and translating thoughts on-the-fly is both slow and changing the way I think.  In addition, there are simply not enough blogs (or , for that matter, testing related reading materia) in Hebrew, so I might contribute a little bit to this cause.
However, writing only in Hebrew will limit my readers to Hebrew speakers only, and since I do participate from time to time in discussions where there are non-Hebrew speaking participants, I want to be able to link them to this blog where a thought I want to express might already be properly articulated instead of investing time to write a lengthy response.

Q: I don't read Hebrew, is the English text an accurate translation?
A: Almost. It is probably less accurate than it would have been had I translated someone else's text as I might rephrase some things I think work better in one language and not in the other, but I'm trying to keep the texts as similar as possible.
There is a bonus point - as the English text is the second time I write a given post, I usually have a better understanding of what I want to say and how, so it will probably be a little bit better written (minus the language barrier of a 2nd language).

Q: Why did you choose this title for your blog?
A: It's a phrase I like to quote from time to time, it's a direct quote from Proverbs 28:14.
For those Hebrew speakers that are not familiar with the name of the bible books in English (I  had to look that one up myself), the quote is from משלי פרק כח' פסוק יד'.
By the way, how do you non-Hebrew speakers deal with all of those bible versions out there? How can one properly quote when each version is translated differently? In order to find a properly translated source I had to go over more than 10 different versions (for some reason, most translations convey the message "happy is he who fears God", which is an interesting interpretation on the Hebrew which is roughly "Happy is the man who is always afraid".).

Q: Are these questions really frequent?
A: Probably not, but those are the questions I wanted to answer.

Q: Finally - QA or Tester?
A: Tester. Definitely tester.

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